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Product Code: SCPR-40-126


Volume Control Dampers with Key Adjustment | 500 X 500 X 150 | GI

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The VCD dampers are designed to control airflow volume in low to medium pressure and velocity HVAC systems. Typical applications for the VCD would include volume control of airflow in zoning, air handler units, intake, exhaust, mixed air applications and also economizer systems.


The square/rectangular style VCD is an opposed blade design which provides exceptional control of airflow with little to no turbulence created in the ductwork. This design allows the damper to be installed in either direction of airflow. The smooth, quiet precision operation with the gear driven blades is completely outside of the air-stream eliminating loss of free flow area.


The round style VCD is designed with a truncated shell in order to fit in tight spots. The manual quadrant control is easy to use and operations smoothly. The round series is available in 6” to 20” rounds dampers.




500 x 500 x 150

Material of Construction


Round dampers




        Spring stainless steel side seal minimises blade end leakage

        9-breaks interlocking blades ensure rigidity and tighter close-off seal

        Ground stainless steel blade axles reduce friction and torque requirements, thus smaller actuators

        Rigid stainless steel construction resists corrosion in the aggressive atmosphere and extends damper life

        Corrosive-resistant internal blade linkage allows easy maintenance and field adjustment and interchangeable components

        Clip-on seal (optional) allows field retro-fit

        Low leakage results in energy saving




        Air flow control damper allows precise adjustment of air quantity thru duct or air device

        Opposed blade action permits equal distribution of air over the entire face of grille or device

        For use with grilles, diffusers, and in the ductwork

Technical Specifications
Dimension 500 X 500 X 150
Material GI

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