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  • Trough Screw Conveyor | 200mm | ESCU-8 | 6mts

Trough Screw Conveyor | 200mm | ESCU-8 | 6mts

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We strive to provide best service to our esteemed customer as possible. Regular packaging, cardboard packaging as well as Export ready Wooden Crate packaging can be availed. Please contact our executives or manufacturer directly regarding availability and pricing. Though delivery times may vary based on conditions, our manufacturers strive to give you priority service and minimise delivery time as short as possible.

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  • ₹92,956

We design and manufactures many different types of troughs and tubular housings for every bulk material handling application. All troughs and tubular housings are available in carbon steel construction as well as abrasion-resistant steels, hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel. We can manufacture troughs and tubular housing out of any commercially available metal. Plate end flanges are CNC cut and Jig-welded to ensure exact alignment with adjacent trough sections.


The modular trough Screw Conveyor system is highly versatile offering numerous solutions for conveying powdery or granular materials. These are manufactured from carbon steel with suitable surface finishing.









         Custom designed conveyor to meet your needs.

        Built from stainless steel supports and hardware.

        Robust construction.



        Soundless operation.

        In house designed and developed.

        Easy installation.

        Hassle-free performance.



        Material handling

        Bulk-material handling

        Boiler application

        Power Industry

        Chemical & Pharma Industry

        Dense phase handling

Technical Specifications
Dimension 6mts
Model No. ESCU-8

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