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  • Rotary Air Lock Valve (SS) - ERAV-12S

Rotary Air Lock Valve (SS) - ERAV-12S

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  • ₹132,616

We have been leading the industry in design, workmanship, functionality, longevity and serviceability. Our rotary airlock valves are used in a wide range of applications where there is a need to minimize system air loss while transferring material between vessels with differing pressures. They are used as feeder valves to meter the flow of material between vessels with equivalent pressures.


The rotatory Airlock Valves in Stainless steel are designed for fast and simple disassemble and reassemble, allowing for a quick inspection, clean-up and maintenance without the use of tools or removal of the valve from service. The valves use hand tightened fasteners to secure the head plate to the housing. With the head plate and rotor conveniently removed, the entire housing interior is accessible. Re-assembly takes just minutes and internal clearances are automatically re-established every time.


The valves are available in different design levels incorporating Stainless steel or polished sanitary construction



Pressure Rating


Maximum Operating Temperature



Dry Free-Flowing Food Grade or Contamination Sensitive Powders.

RAV Power

0.75 KW







         Exceptional performance

        Longer service life

        Dimensional accuracy




        Baking | Dairy | Food

        Pharmaceutical | Powder Coating

        Spices | Meat Processing | Chemical

Technical Specifications
Material SS
Model No. ERAV-12S

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