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Product Code: SCPR-01-319


Muffle Furnace Rectangular | Working 1150 Deg C | 300x300x300mm

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 Lightweight with ceramic fibre wool insulation (instead of Brick insulation). The outer casing is made of double walled thick PCRC sheet duly powder coated. Heating elements are made of kanthal “A-1”


Wire and backed by high temp insulation which avoids loss of energy and temperature. Control unit consists of a microprocessor digital temperature controller fitted in front of the furnace with two pilot lamps. The apparatus is complete with the thermocouple, silver thermal fuse, and main lead with power plug. It is designed to work on 220/230 V or 400/440V AC, Maximum Temperature is 1000 Deg C and Working Temperature is 950 Deg C. For a model of higher temperature the maximum is 1200 Deg C, 1450 Deg C and working temperature is 1150 Deg C and 1400 Deg C respectively.



Outer Chamber Material

PCRC Sheet Duly Powder Coated


1150 Deg C

Power Rating

220/230V AC


300 x 300 x 300 mm



         More compact

        Require less space


        Easy to operate on a continue basis.

        Best performance

       Accurate results



        Material testing labs

        Certification agencies

        Research labs

        Chemical test labs

        Heat test applications

        Engineering & heavy Engineering

Technical Specifications
Dimension 300x300x300mm
Temperature Working 1150 Deg C

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