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Product Code: CPR-04-73


Lactose Recovery Decanter Centrifuge | 15000 LPM

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A centrifuge is a device which employs a high rotational speed to separate components of Edible animal fat, Animal protein, Protein recovery, Plant oils such as olive oil and vegetable oil, Wine (clarification, Fruit, berries and vegetable juice, Soy protein, Dairy (recovery of lactose, whey fines and cheese fines)


These high-speed high g value Decanter Centrifuge for Lactose recovery from milk.



·         Superior quality

·         Durability

·         Low maintenance

·         Easy to operate




500 Litre per Minute to 15000 Litre per Minute



·         Food Processing Industries

·         Industrial Effluent Treatment

·         Waste Water Treatment

·         Fish Processing Industry

·         Mineral Processing Industry

·         Polymer Industry

·         Petro-Chemical Industry

·         Oil Refinery

·         Chemical Industries

·         Pharmaceutical Industries

·         Mining & Drilling Industries

Technical Specifications
Capacity 15000 LPM

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