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Product Code: SCPR-01-188


De-humidifier | Stainless Steel | 1.5 Ton

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 Dehumidifiers are water condensing type base on "Refrigeration Cycle" to avoid the use of expensive chemicals required for desiccant type models. The unit is self-standing & is mounted on a sturdy angle iron frame fitted with caster wheels. Dehumidifier excess moisture from die atmosphere & it fitted with hermetically sealed compressor, Heat exchanger & water condensing coils are made of S.S. collection tank is provided below the unit to collect condensate water.


Humidity is controlled by automatic Microprocessor Digital Humidity Controller Humidistat incorporated in the unit up to 30% ± 3 % RH depending upon the ambient conditions. To achieve very low humidity, the room should have an independent window type Air Conditioner to match with the dehumidifier heat load in the room. Suitable to work on 220/230volts A.C. Supply.




Stainless Steel


1.5 Ton



         Latest leading technology

        Digital display


        Overload cut off the relay

        Easy to operate

        Accurate  results



        Agriculture Industry

        Seed processing Industry

        Organic Industry

        Semi-conductor Industry

        Chemical industry

        R&D labs

        Test labs

        Pharma Industry

        Pharma R&D labs

        Engineering & Heavy engineering

Technical Specifications
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Material Stainless Steel

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