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Bag Filter for Boilers (120-270°) - EEAS BJP-308

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  • ₹2,245,000

 These are large fabric bags, usually made of special fibres, used to eliminate intermediate and large particles greater than 20 micron in diameter. It operates like the bag of an electric vacuum cleaner entrapping the solid particles on the surface of the fabric, with wide range of available fabric filter media the bag house can be easily adapted to various operating conditions.


This cleaning system can operate with airflow still going through the bag to the exhaust fan.



·         Bag house casing designed to withstand negative pressure

·         Airlock rotary for removal of dust from hopper.

·         Heater for Dust hopper.

·         Flame proof Knocking hammer for hopper cleaning (optional)

·         Cages for bags which are easily removable from the top.

·         Pneumatic pulse jet venture to create back wash cleaning of the bags

·         Solenoid pneumatic valves and control panel to optimize operation of cleaning system with safety interlocks.



·         They can come in almost any size to suit any available location or process.

·         Their ability to work in almost any reasonably dry dusty atmosphere is remarkable.

·         There are many available parts or retrofits available for almost any make or model.

·         The can withstand a lot of abuse and still carry on operating within design specifications

·         There is a large array of filter Medias available to suit every type of process.

·         Most bag houses are only limited by operating temperature and chemical conditions

·         Overhaul costs are relatively cost effective if the machine is serviced on a regular basis.



Fan with motor

Induced Draft (ID)

Air Volume

36,000 CMH

Boiler Capacity

15 TON

No. Of Bags




         Precise design

        Corrosion resistance

        High efficiency

        User-friendly operation

        Easy installation

        Low maintenance



        Dust collector systems

        Combustion air for burners

        Drying & cooling, general

        Ventilation & circulation of air and so on.

        Industrial vacuum systems

        Boiler application

        Power Industry

        Steel Industry

Technical Specifications
Model No. EEAS BJP-308
Temperature 120-270°

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